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  1. J

    Lowboy case glue up

    Dennis, which M & T did you glue- top one, middle or bottom?
  2. J

    Price4Antiques database

    Found it now- thanks!
  3. J

    Price4Antiques database

    I'm going to finally make a Chippendale dressing table for my wife and like to use Price4Antiques database for inspiration. I've gone to Membership Benefits and found Price4Antiques database. When I click on it, Log out comes up. How can I access the database?
  4. J

    Dealing with real ivory

    I just acquired an entire Baldwin baby grand piano keyboard from a friend and it has real ivory and ebony keys.  Dealing with the ivory, what legal problems may I encounter if I use these veneers for inlay material in future projects?  I have no paperwork, only pics of the disassembled keyboard...
  5. J

    Blue stain

    I'm about to refinish a 1940's mahogany veneered drop-leaf table that has been stripped of it's original finish.  There is a small (about the size of a dime) blue stain on the table top that I would like to remove with as little damage to the veneer as possible.  Any suggestions?
  6. J

    Tallcase clock collection donated

    For those of you that , like me, have a tallcase clock fetish, check out this article and guess where I'm going in about a month!
  7. J

    Colonial Rhode Island currency

    I was reading an article on the Nicholas Brown scalloped-top tea table made by John Goddard, which states that the table sold originally for 90 pounds Rhode Island currency.  Just curious- does anyone know what that would be in today's currency?
  8. J


    I'm looking to purchase a holdfast for my workbench.  The holes for my stops are 3/4" dia.  What size holdfast would you go with- 5/8" dia. shaft?  Also, any particular brand prefered (or ones to stay away from!).
  9. J

    Phase converters

    I'm looking into purchasing a bandsaw with a 5hp 3 phase motor.  I don't have 3 phase in my shop and want to know what's the difference between rotary and static phase converters.  Is one more reliable than the other?  Any drawbacks to phase converters vs. switching out the motor? Any advice...
  10. J

    Firescreen hardware

    I'm beginning a firescreen and would like to know how the screens are adjusted.  Anyone know what the hardware is like and where to get it?
  11. J

    Al Hudson featured.

    In the October/November issue of American Woodworker, there's a five page spread featuring Al Hudson's exceptional furniture.  Even my students were "wow"ed by the quality.  I have one student starting a Newport tallcase clock now, and now he has another good reference photo, along with the ones...
  12. J

    Sotheby's sale

    I think it was last January that Sotheby's had a sale that featured a pie crust table that was highly carved and even had a supplemental catalog featuring the piece.  Does anyone know the exact date of the sale or the name of the piece?  If I remember, it's estimated value was $2-4 million but...
  13. J


    If you're needing a little inspiration to get started on another project, check out  Go to "Furniture Masterpieces on View" to see dozens of American Masterpieces built by Irion Co. Furniture Makers.  Great pictures, great furniture!
  14. J

    Dressing glass back

    Hi All, I'm in the latter stages of making a Queen Anne Bombe-Front dressing glass, Boston circa 1755 ( pic. from Magazine Antiques).  My question is how were the silvered glasses commonly held in the frames?  Were backs of thin wood usually glued up as a single piece or multiple pieces for...
  15. J

    Pennsylvania Spice Box

    News Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:     I just ordered "The Pennsylvania Spice Box:  Paneled Doors and Secret Drawers" by Lee Ellen Griffith from for $25.00!  Could it be possible that there finally has been a second printing?  4-6 weeks for delivery.