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  1. sash plane

    Thomas Elfe COC.

    Hello, I downloaded Sketchup and trying to learn how to use it.... So my test case to use it on is a Thomas Elfe COC out of the "Thomas Elfe Cabinetmaker" book, page 21-23. Not having any Pic of Details of this, I'm going by the book and a few of the Pic's in the book that I can see. But this...
  2. sash plane

    Lathe for Pie Crust Top

    I'm moving this to this form.... Jeff L Headley wrote: Jeff, I have the PSI 12" Turncrafter Pro var Speed What my thinking is... I have a 1.25" shaft, a 1 hp motor, and a bearing hanger for a bench top... I can make a bench side overhang lathe to put a panel on to turn .. that way i can...
  3. sash plane

    New Member

    Hello, Been on the form's now for a few mth's.. but fell off the fence and paid membership due's...(via paypal). Should I get something via email saying the the membership was successful...? Right now I'm learning to carve Peter Follansbee style, building a 17th century Carved Box but I'm...