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    How to lighten wood dyed not stained?

    My first time using wood dye I made a mistake and coated it twice, is there a way to lighten this so the tiger maple is more visible?
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    Split Turning Mortise

    I am working on a chair that has split turnings in the back; this means I need to cut mortises in the upper and lower rail for the split turnings to fit in. I have not done motises that are actually half round and was hoping for some advise. I believe I can figure it out however was hoping for...
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    American Armchair

    All, I am starting work on building two American Armchairs that I found in a Lester Margon book about 18 years ago while I was building two chairs out of Furniture of the Pilgrim Century by Wallace Nutting. I will hopefully attach the drawing and need to get some opinions about a few items. The...
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    Lathe Turning Question

    As I noted in the bed section I am trying to make a single size trundle bed that might replicate the late 1600s - early 1700s. I think I may be getting close to the final design. I believe I will be going with posts that are mostly turned with a few square areas. My question involves the fact...
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    Late 1600s Early 1700s trundel bed?

    I want (need) to built a single bed for a small room. I would like to build a trundle bed to be able to fit a few people if needed however I do not want it to take up most of the room on a daily basis. I have researched available mattress sizes and found out that singles come in 75" and 80"...
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    Early Tall Case Clocks

    I am looking for info on very early American clocks. Nutting describes clocks with a single hand (some of the first). I would be interested in building an early tall case clock and would like to build one with only one hand (I don't need to know the exact time). Were clocks this early built in a...
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    Tiger/Curley Maple Tips

    I have just picked up Tiger/Curly Maple for my Desk on frame project. It is derived roughly from a William/Mary period design. The legs and stretchers will be turned and the rest will be case work. My only other work with tiger maple was with a Tavern table (only used for the top) I used the...
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    Posting Pictures

    I have just had more problems posting a picture in a reply.....what am I doing wrong? If I need to resize it how do I do that before trying to attach? Michael
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    I have been trying to post a message with a photo attached 42kb+/- and have not been able to do so, the message tells me to contact an do I do that? Michael
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    Ammonia Ageing

    I have finally got the corner chair together and now need to finish it. It is made of cherry. I would like to end up with an oil or wax finish, however would like to have it look old. About 30 years ago I had to replace some spindles on a spinning wheel. They were made of oak. If I remember...
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    Corner Chair Arm

    I am currently trying to replicate a corner chair that was in the book "Masterpieces of American Furniture" I only have a copy of the black and white picture that was in the book; the picture was taken at a low angle and I can not tell if the arm is circular in shape or somewhat "U" shaped. I...