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    Looking for Veneer

    I'm looking for a source for a small amount of veneer, and would like to avoid the minimum quantity orders at the places I have looked so far. I would like a single piece of very figured wood, perhaps a crotch mahogany or similar, at 13" x 29-1/2" inches in size. I am flexible on the species or...
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    Brush storage

    I'm looking for a container that will allow me to keep my shellac brush suspended in alcohol, without resting on its bristles, and without allowing the alcohol to evaporate. Does anyone know of a source for something like this? I've seen a couple of these, but they have enough open areas that...
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    Incredible New Tool From Lee Valley Veritas

    I hope most of you have seen this, but if not, take a look. Lee Valley has at least one unforgettable tool release every year.