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    Philadelphia lowboy

    I am starting a lowboy based on a photo.  I plan to have acanthus style carvings on the front leg knees which will flow into the transition blocks.  Since I am lacking a side view I don't know how transition blocks are handled on the rear legs.  I am not planning to carve the rear legs so I am...
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    CArolinas Chapter Spring Meeting

    The meeting will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 18 – 19 in Greensboro at Jim Gerken’s shop (see link to a map below).  In addition, we have a tour of the MESDA museum scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  Agenda below. ***Reminder – please be sure to bring a chair (if you want to sit down). ...
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    Carolinas chapter meeting update

    Plans are now complete for our first meeting.  We have a great group of presenters lined up to do presentations on carving. The meeting will be held Nov. 1 - 2 in Greensboro. It is not too late to participate.  Please contact me below if you are interested. Participation will be open to all...
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    What became of the e-interviews with Rob Millard and Jeff Headley.  These are good reference sources? Bill
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    New Carolinas SAPFM Chapter

    A new local chapter of SAPFM is being organized.  We have tentatively scheduled our first session for Nov. 1 - 2 at a members shop in Greensboro with carving ball and claw feet as the subject.  Details are still being finalized and further information will be posted soon. Participation will be...