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    Goddard corner chair class

    Eight spaces will be offered in this class. Get a chance to build this icon of colonial furniture under the direction of Al Breed, chosen by the owners of the original to make replacement copies for the family. Go to The Breed School or for details.
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    very short cartouche carving lesson

    I just posted a brief sequence of a rough draft of a cartouche caving on my blog at thebreedsschool or for anyone embarking on something similar-Al
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    weekend ball and claw class

    I'll be offering a weekend ball and claw carving class Feb. 19 and 20th. A good chance to learn the basics or improve your skills. $300, materials are included-Al
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    Goddard RI corner chair plans ready

    I've just completed the plans for the Goddard corner chair, full size. This is the one with 3 B&C feet and one pad and the rolled knuckle arms.$150. Wait til the'yre up on my site  in a few weeks and get them on line or if you can't do Paypal, send a check.-Al
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    Breed School class schedule thru May 2011

    These aren't up on my site yet, so call 603-749-6231 for details. I'm letting SAPFM folks know early: Aug. 16-20- Still some space in this "Federal Carving" class, Basket of fruit, sheaves of wheat, etc. Weekend classes this Fall:$300 Sept. 25 & 26- Carve a Newport shell- Convex, concave or...
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    Class with Al Breed in the Houston area

    I just returned from giving a talk on 18th century cabinetmaking techniques at the annual meeting of the Bayou Bend docents and found some interest among the group in taking a carving or hand tools class with me. Instead of a bunch of you coming to Maine, I thought it would be easier for me to...
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    chippendale knee carving

    If anyone's interested in a lot of shots of knee carving being done, I've been been putting it in my blog on my site. I'd copy it here if I knew how......Al
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    rococo knee carving

    FYI- I've started a series on rococo knee carving on my blog at It's job i"m working on and will update it as I progress. A good chance to watch the process-Al
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    classes at the Breed School

    I now have a completely rebuilt web site with classes for most of the coming year, plans and castings for sale and more. Classes are limited to 8, so if you're interested, don't wait too long. I'll be sending out an e-mail to all past students and contacts soon. You'll also be able to set up...
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    Winterthur Furniture Forum lecture

    Al Breed will be lecturing and demonstrating on Rococo carving on Wed. March 24 and 25 at Winterthur for the annual Furniture Forum.
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    using yew wood

    Does anyone know anything about making furniture from yew? All I know is it was used for bows. Is it stable?-Al
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    tape for Shaker Chairs

    Does anyone know if there's a difference in quality of seat tape for Shaker chairs?-Al
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    Al Breed carving class at auction

    I have donated a choice of either an intro carving or intro hand tool class to a local charity auction. This could be a good opportunity to get a class at below the usual $900 rate. Check out the auction under "unique experiences" at -Al
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    LN Shooting plane steel

    Has anyone else found that the steel in the LN shooting plane blades is brittle? I touched up the factory bevel and honed it a bit and found it would break down and leave tracks after a few passes. I put a secondary bevel on it and that helped. Seems the steel is too hard.-Al