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    Al Spicer
  2. Woodmolds

    Speaking of wood threads!

    Anyone have any thoughts on how many threads per inch a 3-1/2" - 4" diameter screw should have? One, Two or Three? and how deep would the thread(90 degree included angle) actually be? As deep as it is wide? Thanks, Tony
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    Antiquing New Mirror?

    All, Antiquing new mirrors to look old, has anyone done this? I know there are kits to do this, but does anyone know the components for doing this yourself? Did you get the desired results? Thanks, Tony
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    Expanded MESDA tour format

    While attending a Saturday furniture seminar at MESDA on 11/13 it was announced that MESDA would be expanding the tour format to three types of tours. 1- One hour tour for the highlights. Regular hours. 2- Two hour extended. Fri-Sat evenings or any time by appointment. 3- Customized tour to...
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    2010 Carolinas Fall meeting, Hertford/Windsor, NC

    In the spirit of sharing I have posted some pictures on Picasa(link below)from the fall meeting at Ben Hobbs shop. Ben is very generous with his knowledge and a gracious host, with the help of his wife and staff, we enjoyed two great meals in addition to being educated on some great southern and...
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    Gilding Wax?

    Anyone have a tried and true method/recipe to make gilding and antiquing waxes? The commercial ones I've found seem to be rather expensive. Thanks, Tony
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    Boiled Linseed Oil Quality?

    I just finished a workbench top(Qtr. SYP) where I thinned the BLO with paint thinner and heated the mixture( double boiler on hot plate) it seemed to penetrate real well with one coat. I kept wetting it til it stopped soaking in, then let it set for awhile and wiped any excess off. I was well...
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    Need veneer experience and wisdom

    When veneering are there times when a balanced panel is not necessary? Such as a small panel say 8” X 20” that will be incorporated into a box(or drawer front) that has dovetailed or rabetted corners. Would a core of say maple with a veneer of curly maple on one side be acceptable. If it needed...
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    Hollows & Rounds Sizing??

    At MESDA last month Don Williams mentioned a DVD about making wood planes by Tod Herrli. I bought it and this has piqued my interest because he basically builds a pair of hollows & rounds in a 1-1/2 hr. movie. Now I understand I'm not going to build them that quickly. But, this is very detailed...
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    Drop Front Hinge/Stay

    On Double chest with desk that have a drop front (looks like a drawer front, but pulls out about 10"-12" and drops 90 degrees to form the flat writing surface) or "fall front"? Where can I get the stays for these fronts? Are stays the proper name? Is the latch an intergral part of the stay or...
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    The Furniture of Coastal North Carolina 1700-1820 by John Bivins Jr.

    Here it is again on eBay!
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    Furniture of Coastal North Carolina

    If anyone's interested in this book it's on eBay.