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    Mary May PWW

    Great article!  Interesting to read about how you got started.  Good to see they got the "whole you"; I've seen quite a few articles and only your hands. Popular Woodworking Nov. 2012.
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    Small Bonnet Top

    Doing a couple small cabinets for a big tournament golfer in Queen Anne style.  19" wide, 26" tall, under 3" deep.  For the bonnet top, I want it to go the 3 inches to the wall.  My idea is to just get some 8/4  3" or 4" wide and cutting out the entire profile out of this piece.  Pretty much...
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    Pine as secondary wood.

    Is pine a suitable & appropriate secondary wood choice for period pieces such as highboys?  Or was pine just used for junkier pieces historically?  I am in Texas and order all my wood, poplar included.  But, kiln dried pine could be had locally. 
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    220v & dimming lights

    I now have two 220 volt machines, a 2 hp bandsaw and a 3 hp tablesaw.  When I turn a machine on, the lights slightly dim for about 2 seconds while motor cranks up, then once motor gets going, all is fine.  The three hp tablesaw is a little more noticible than the 2 hp bandsaw. Will this hurt or...
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    Anyone ever used asphaltum on figured pieces?  Also call gilsonite. 
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    Customer care of repro. pieces.

    When you build a piece, what is your "maintenance" advice to the buyer?  In other words, what and how do you tell them to care for it?  And, is there anything you tell them to avoid? 
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    Cabinet saw without dust collection

    I plan to get a cabinet saw in the near future (grizzly).  I do not have dust collection and don't really want it.  Will the dust just fall into the bottom of the cabinet allowing me to shop vac it out every evening?  Will this hurt anything such as motor, bearings, etc.?
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    Edge Gluing Panels

    I need to edge glue to make a larger panel.  Am I correct in thinking to just cut square, glue, & clamp without biscuits or tongue and groove?  I don't have a jointer.  Another quest.  Do you worry about making the joint in the middle or would it be acceptable to have a 12" wide piece glued to...
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    Slant Fall lopers & lid.

    Does anyone put any sort of protective chain or hinge to protect the fall front lid from ripping hinges out in the event that someone or child forgets to pull the lopers?
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    Roll Top desk

    I know, not of the correct period.  But, does anyone know of a book that shows good images of originals or possibly plans drawn up from originals?
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    Sherwin-Williams Nitro Lacquer

    I have been using Deft lacquer and spraying it.  I hear quite a few people mention using SW lacquer.  Is this the one you guys are using? Part no. T70C60 Are you using gloss or their versions of semi (bright and dull...
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    Where do you stamp/sign case pieces?

    Where do you sign or stamp case pieces?
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    What is glazing?

    I have a couple books where glazing is mentioned.  I have googled it to no avail.  What is glazing? What product is used? And where in the finish schedule is it done? Many thanks, Ty
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    Pembroke Table Leaves

    How come the leaves on drop leaf table such as Pembrokes do not cup like crazy?  Do makers make sure to use quarter sawn lumber here?  I am reckoning it just boils down to good wood selection and crossing fingers. Thanks
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    Your most commonly used carving tools

    What are your most commonly used carving tools/chisels/sizes for things such as fans?  Any help appreciated here.  Which sizes of each; gouge, v-part can you not live without?  Also, do you use the bent ones more-so than straight?
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    Mortiser chisel size

    I just ordered a powermatic benchtop mortiser (one of those.. get the best I can afford things).  What size chisel (mortise) do you guys use for highboy legs?  What are the most commonly used sizes in your shop? Many thanks, Ty
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    KneeHole desk with gallery?

    On the web I found a knee hole desk repro by an Alan Turner.  It is a knee hole desk/bureau that has a gallery where the top three drawers would be.  The front looks like blocked drawers, yet it folds down and slides out into a writing area and small gallery.  It states that is was copied from...
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    secondary wood (poplar) from Lowe's, Home Depot

    I have never brought a moisture meter to test this stuff nor do I know if it is even kiln-dried.  Any of you ever use this home center poplar for secondary wood?  Should I just order it/buy it from a regular hardwood dealer? Thanks a bunch, Ty
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    Soft Tiger Maple / Hard Tiger Maple

    Which one is best for furniture carcass and drawer fronts?  Some places list either soft or hard, some don't; does it matter?  I am well-versed in cherry, but maple is new to me; only worked with it once.
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    Strength of Cabriole Legs

    About the strength of cabriole legs in highboys.  I have a few period furniture making books I've been reading/researching before heading to my July workshop.  I came across where ..."the cabriole legs often split and even gave way under too much weight.  Most furniture makers soon abandoned...