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    Philadelphia Spice Chest Plans

    Hi to all, Does anyone have access to the full-scale plans for the Steve Latta Spice Chest that was published in the January/February  2008 issue of Fine Wood Working?  I contacted the current editor of FWW at Taunton and they no longer have any of those plans available.  I know the article...
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    Finishing Secondary Wood on Case Pieces

    Hi to all, I recently completed the Philadelphia Walnut Chippendale Bureau, the plans for which were supplied to SAPFM by Larry Mauritz.  It has very nicely shaped ogee feet with the primary walnut backed up with secondary wood I noticed that the secondary wood around the feet, including...
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    Winterthur Webinar

    I see that SAPFM members get a discount on the upcoming Winterthur Webinar.  Could someone please give me the code to apply on the Winterthur registration,  Thanks. It looks to be a great program and I'd like to attend.
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    Creating classic fluted columns for case pieces

    I have read with great interest Jeff Headley's method for creating classic quarter columns as presented in the March/April 2010 issue of Fine Woodworking. I have a question for Jeff or anyone that has used that method to produce columns.  The cradle suggested in the article seems to be intended...
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    Carving a Cartouche

    Does anyone recall an article posted (or published) on carving a Phila cartouche?  I seem to remember something by Gene Landon but can't recall where I've seen it.  I just finished reviewing Mary May's excellent 5-part video and must say that it's very compelling but wanted to see what else...
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    Finishing High Chest Drawer with Applied Carving

    Good Morning to All, I have a question for Jeff and others who may have already worked out a method for getting a filled shellac finish on drawers that have applied leafage carving.  There are two of these drawers on a high chest.  On drawers w/o applied leafage, I simply use the time honored...
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    Philadelphia Highchest Pediment

    Hi, I am in the process of designing and constructing a Phila. Highchest with a full bonnet and I have a question.  On several pieces that I've studied, at the top of the gooseneck, the bonnet seems to have a full roll front to back.  I was wondering how that construction was accomplished? ...
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    Applied Carving to Drawer Fronts

    I am building a High chest that has applied leaf carvings to the center drawer of the lower section.  I've already caved a shell into the drawer front and fit the drawer front to the opening.  I have also cut and fit all of the dovetails on the front, sides, and back.  My question is what is...
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    SAPFM Annual Meeting

    Hi, I see that CW is now permitting registration for the 2013 Working Wood Conference in Williamsburg.  Could someone please confirm the dates of the 2013 SAPFM Annual meeting. Thanks Frank Duff Monkton, MD
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    Contact at Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Does anyone have contact information for Chris Storb at the PMA?  I wish to contact someone in their furniture or conservation department. Thanks Frank
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    Phila Highchest Leg Details

    Hi All, I'm starting to build a Phila highchest and have several questions concerning the design of the leg.  Prior to this posting i have read the earlier Forum posting related to this topic.  In addition, the folks at CW were extremely generous in permitting me to make some measurements of...
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    Need Small turned pulls for desk drawers

    Hi to all, I'm in need of a contact who can turn three small pulls for the cubby drawers for a desk that I'm finishing for my daughter.  The drawers are in cherry and measure approx. 13-in. wide by 3-in. high.  She would like to have wood pulls.  I was thinking of a dark contrasting wood such...
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    Joining a top to a dovetailed box

    All, I'm starting a desk on frame for my daughter but the design she has chosen (a copy she liked) is a bit different.  Instead of the fall front, her desk will be 31 or so inches deep and will not be closed as a fall front would enable.  The sides will have a nice Roman ogee sweep from back to...
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    Question Corner cubboard

    All, I have recently started building the Hanging Corner Cupboard in the Old Salem Collection (C. Lynch plans) and have a question about cutting the spline which joins the vertical boards at a 45 degree angle.  I need some advise as to how to cut the slot in the two mating boards.  I was...