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    Plans for a Jupe expanding dining table

    I know it's a British form, but, does anyone know of a source for plans for a Jupe expanding dining table?  I realize they will probably come with a price.  Thank you and Merry Christmas one and all.  PSP
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    Nitric Acid and curly maple

    I have recently acquired a nice little late 18th C. maple Chippendale chest of drawers.  Its finish history is typical.  It started life mahoganized (traces remain on the interior), was stripped and refinished, and was placed in such a way as to severely sun fade it.  There is some curly figure...
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    General Discussion

    Hello all, I just finished the new Pins and Tales and want to let everyone involved know they did a good job.  I especially want to thank Gil Tyler for his article on his legless lady.  It is nice to know that I am not alone in buying and restoring fragments.  Albert Sack referred to them as my...
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    In Plain Sight

    Merry Christmas to all. I received a copy of In Plain Sight Discovering the Furniture of Nathaniel Gould[i] today.  I have only looked at all the pictures so far, but, just based on that I think this book is one of the "must haves" for your library.  PSP
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    Early and rare desk

    Those members who have a fondness for secret compartments (who doesn't?) will want to take a look at the Skinner's auction catalog for their August 11 sale.  Lot #38 is a William and Mary style escritoire or fall-front desk made in Philadelphia in the first decade of the 18th century.  It might...
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    Dutch clock fretwork

    One and all, I have been asked to restore a Dutch 18th C. tall case clock.  Much of the fretwork in the hood is completely gone.  I need some good, clear photos of similar clocks in order to recreate the fretwork patters.  Any ideas?  PSP
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    Frye-Martin school Bookcase on Bureau

    This is for all those who, like me, have a fondness for furniture from Virginia. Reading a review of the auction of this piece in Maine Antiques Digest, I went online to see if the auction house, Case Antiques of Knoxville, Tennessee, had a better photo and more information.  Lo and behold...
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    Jeff Headley's high chest

    Because I am a new member, I wander around the Forum reading old posts and trying to catch up.  This is a response to the Feb., 2011 postings on dust boards.  Jeff, I believe your high chest is from Chester County, PA.  The extension of the sides to support bracket feet is a common feature of...
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    Garvan Carver Clock pt. II

    The August 2012 Maine Antiques Digest has some more information on this clock.  I will post it when I get some more time.