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  1. ttalma

    Membership status

    I went to check my membership status, and am not sure how to do that with the changes. I cannot find the membership link that used to give us the status. I can log in, so I believe I am current. But I have not gotten my journal yet and want to make sure I renew membership for this year.
  2. ttalma

    Wooden screws for bench building

    I am making and selling wooden screws. I currently have Hard Maple screws in stock, but can make them out of any wood. I can also make them any size, or length. All of the screws and nuts are 1 solid piece of maple, no glue-ups. They have a slot for an internal or external garter. They use a...
  3. ttalma

    How do I check my current membership status?

    I haven't received the 2018 journal yet and was trying to check my current membership status to see if I missed a year. I am able to log in to the members only section. But can't find anything showing my current standing. I am pretty sure I renewed for 2019, but can't find my current standing...
  4. ttalma

    Huge mahogany board for sale

    I have a piece of Honduran mahogany that measures 14'long x 34" wide x 2" thick. nice ribbon stripped grain. I am selling this for a former SAPFM members widow. This is a real nice piece and hard to find length and width. I am looking for offers. I am not willing to sell it for pennies, but...
  5. ttalma

    Membership renewal and the journal

    I seem to remember hearing something a while back about renewing membership by the end of October in order to receive the journal. I did not get a reminder to do so and just checked my renewal date, which it stated as January. I just renewed today. Did I miss this years journal? Am I remembering...
  6. ttalma

    Willard style shelf clock plans

    Does anyone know where I can get plans for a aaron willard style shelf clock similar to the style in this link Also dose anyone have any links or know where I...
  7. ttalma

    glue brushes

    My glue brush tips have turned into mushrooms, so it's time to replace them. I was wondering how do you store your glue brushes to keep the tips nicely shaped. I just toss mine in my glue pot which results in the mushrooms. Do you do anything different that makes them last a long time? Also...
  8. ttalma

    Looking for 16/4 hard maple

    The title says it all. I'm looking for 16/4 hard maple. Does anyone know of a supplier? I bought all of Irion's and everywhere else I've tried doesn't have any.
  9. ttalma

    Looking for photo's and information on Robert Walker tea tables

    I was wondering if anyone has any pictures and/or measurements of Robert walker tea tables tables. Specifically the ones at MESDA and Stratford hall plantation. I have a few pictures and details from the article in 2006 American furniture "Scottish Design and Colonial Virginia Furniture...
  10. ttalma

    New Magazine - Mortise and Tenon

    I just heard about a new Magazine called "mortise and tenon" it looks like something our members would be interested in. The first issue features member Phil Lowe. No affiliation just thought I'd pass this along.
  11. ttalma

    Handworks, May 15, and 16th

    I am going to the Handworks event in Amana IA. on May 15th and 16th ( I don't know if SAPFM will have a booth or if there are any formal plans to meet up, but it would be nice to meet up with a group of members. I also have an extra ticket for the Studley event on...
  12. ttalma

    Capen family Bombe desk up for auction

    Sothebys is auctioning off the Capen family Bombe desk. Estimate $500k - $700k. There are only a few pictures, but I didn't notice any power cable holes for your computer. So you'll have to drill you own.
  13. ttalma

    Bandsaw Blade brands

    I have a 20" bandsaw and my blades are getting pretty tired. I was wondering what blades you use and are happy with. I am looking for a resaw blade and a general 3/8" blade.
  14. ttalma

    How is the corner of this case made

    In this post from the Anthony Hay blog ( they show added corners at the top of the door. The pictures clearly show the grain is at an angle to both the rail and stile, so if they were to glue it...
  15. ttalma

    Bench questions

    I am sick of my pine, plywood, and MDF, twisted, wobbly bench, and am ready to build a new one. I am looking for opinions on the length. currently I am planning on a 6' bench. But I could get away with an 8' one. But really I can only think of 2 times I would have needed a bench that long, and...
  16. ttalma

    The Cabinetmaker and the Carver: Boston Furniture from Private Collections

    Has anyone had a chance to see this book (The Cabinetmaker and the Carver: Boston Furniture from Private Collections ? It's $27.00 from Amazon and was wondering if it was worth the price. Either as...
  17. ttalma

    Cost and selection of raw materials

    When building a piece how do you consider material selection, how big a role does price pay in your decision making? Personally since I make so few pieces I don't consider material costs. If I plan to build a piece, say a chest of drawers, and I want single board sides and top. If the wood for...
  18. ttalma


    I have used button lac on a couple of projects recently. I'm not sure if button lac is the correct name but it's shellac that looks like thick blobs rather than flakes. Anyway it is a deep rich red tone and and has come out great on the pieces I used it on. As I understand it's the rawest from...
  19. ttalma

    Carved with love BBC show on English Furniture

    I recently found out about a 3 part series recently aired in England on BBC called "Carved with love, the Genius of British woodwork" ( It's a great show I have watched the first 2 episodes and found them very interesting and informative. Although the...
  20. ttalma

    Kaufman pembroke table

    I am looking for some good pictures of the pembroke table that is in the Kaufman collection. It is in the the furniture of charleston 3 volume book set, in the neoclassical bok, item nt 58. I recall seeing a book that had larger pictures of the table, and one was a full page shot of part of...