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    My c. 1720 Eastern Massachusetts dresser is finished

    This won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I love this kind of stuff. This chest of drawers is an exact replica of a c.1720 Eastern Massachussetts piece in the collection of the Met. I worked closely with curatorial staff and the conservator who worked on the piece in the 90s to get chemical...
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    Neat little hanging bookcase

    I just wanted to share my latest project-in-progress, especially since I'm planning to show it at the SAPFM event at the DIA in March. I found this little beauty in Antiques and Fine Art magazine.  I've not made a ton of progress on it, but I at least have the case glued together and am now...
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    Madison WI Places of Interest

    Fellow SAPFM members, I'm heading to Madison, WI this weekend and am looking for things to do.  My wife has a conference on Monday and Tuesday, so I will have free reign and the car, so I'm able to do pretty much anything I want.  I will also be around Saturday and Sunday, but will need to...