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    Willard regulator clock

    I would like to build a Willard regulator clock no. 62 in the Willard House and Clock Museum book also known as the Tavern clock. Has anyone ever built it and do you have  plans? It appears to be fairly quite straight forward and I can probably muddle through but specific measurements would be...
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    Lie Nielsen no.7 jack plane for sale

    Selling my brand new, never been out of the box, Lie Nielsen no. 7 jack plane. Received as a gift but I don't need two. As the expression goes, make me an offer I can't refuse. Retail price is $425. Contact me at [email protected].
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    dovetail spacing

    I'm planning on building a hope chest for my granddaughter prior to her June wedding. While I've built a fair number of such chests I've never been comfortable with dovetail spacing or perhaps I should say pin spacing. Like many I prefer small pins and I think all pins should be the same size...
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    mixing wax with shellac powder

    Does anyone have a suggestion how I can add shellac powder with beeswax or any other kind of wax and use it to fill the grain? I've been trying to fill grain using Don Williams suggestion of using beeswax with his Pollisor but I want to add a little color so have tried mixing shellac powder but...
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    figured mahogany

    I'm building the Townsend tall case clock and am looking for a nice figured mahogany piece for the door which is about 7"x30". Saw one piece of crotch on the web for $500 but just can't justify that much. Currently using Honduran with fairly good color but not too dark. Standard 3/4" will do. If...