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    How to remove venner

    How to remove old veneer from a box that the veneer was damaged by sanding the banding around a paternea. I have built 5 tea caddies decorated with banding and a paterneas .On the last box, I damaged the veneer by sanding through it showing the white pine secondary wood. I have a vague idea how...
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    Ebony,Rosewood,and African Blackwood all smearing black on contrasting Holly

    I am making Tea caddies with a variety of banding using all of the exotic black woods with a contrasting white usually holly. I finish with a seal coat of 1 pound cut shellac, then build a finish of shellac. All of the above have smeared black onto the holly. This does not happen with dyed black...
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    Electric Glue Pot supplier has gone out of business

    Looking for a source of Supply. I tried Woodcraft,Tools for working wood, Highland Hardware,The Best things,  StewMack. My old unit has a bad Thermostat. I rewired  it to bypass the Thermostat but that is not a long term solution!
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    federal style Tea Caddies

    Looking for an out of date book on Federal Style Tea Caddies
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    MESDA furniture plans

    Some 30years ago,I was in MESDA Gift shop, they had a collection of woodworking plans by Carlyle Lynch of pieces in the Museum. I bought several plans. I am trying to locate the plans for John Marshall's Desk. I have tried to call the gift shop. Does it still exis,do they still have woodworking...
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    Cherry dyes over a wash coat of 1 pound cut shellac

    I have completed a Chippendale chest of Cherry. I plan to use a 1 pound cut shellac for a wash coat, then apply a Lockwood antique aniline dye. To follow are garnet thin coats of shellac. Question, does it make any difference between using water soluble dye or alcohol soluble dye.?
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    methods of work installing a half mortise lock

    I am building a Chippendale chest with locks on the drawers using Horton Brasses locksLK-4 Half Mortise Drawer Lock These drawer locks are English; made by the Squire family. I am interested in comments on methods how to best cut the mortise, install and line up the strike plates.
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    powdered pigments mixed with finishes

    The real milk paint company sells powdered pigments for their base milk paint product. Will these pigments mix with tung oil, shellac  or poly urethane ?
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    alcohol solvent for aniline dye

    I have just finished a bench of quartered sawn white oak and plan to use a alcohol  Aniline dye, the dye manufacture J.E.Moser,  requires using methanol. The say to use denatured alcohol if the dye is to be used with shellac. What is the traditional type of alcohol used in alcohol soluble...
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    breadboards for pine table tops

    I am building a southern huntboard according to some I have seen that were made of clear whit pine and painted with milk paint. I have considered making a breadboard for the top but I think I remember seeing a similar huntboard with a simple thumb-nail edges. What is your experience . The top is...