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    Masonic Image

    Yesterday I was scrolling thru a book I have; "Guide to American Antique Furniture by Robert Bishop".On page 83 there is a photo of a Chippendale armchair.It is made of mahoganywood(LOL)and ash.This chair was made in Charleston SC around 1770.In the crest rail there is an inlay of the symbol of...
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    Events for Local Chapters

    Hello out there.This is Tim down here in The Peach State Chapter giving a shout out to all you members who would like to make suggestions for us.Our dilemma is this.We have great member gatherings.We have lots of talented folks more than willing to impart knowledge to the rest of us.What I am...
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    Looking for a newport style ball and claw casting

    A friend has  one made by Al Breed but so far I can not find one for sale.I guess Mr Breed doesn't sell them anymore.Any suggestions.I thought about going up to NH and just take a class but it is a long way and well you know its winter and I'm lazy and its a long damn drive.LOL
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    A little history of Addis

    This is an interesting little read.I cannot attest to the truthfulness and as such I have presented this for your inspection and critique.     The Addis family of London, is without doubt one of the most highly regarded of any maker of carving tools.     Baptism registries list a Samuel Addis...
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    carving chisels versus firmer gouges.

    I have been on a carving tear as of late and I have a dumb question.There are carving chisels/gouges and then there are these gouges that have no numbers.What is the difference between the two.I realize one is finer and the other one seems heaver steel.
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    Clock face engraving

    Good morning to all of you out there.I have a question about clock face engraving.What clock face engraving will reveal the clock makers Protestant Christian Denomination and what Denomination is he? I hope to start a tall case clock sometime this year and have started doing research.I have done...