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    African Mahogany

    Does anybody here use this lumber? How does it compare with Honduran?
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    Arts&Crafts Piece

    Could anyone tell me a little bit about the Arts&Crafts looking piece,in the left most photo on the Home page?                                                                                                                                 Ed
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    Powermatic Model #50 joiner

    I have a model#50-6" Powematic joiner for sale. I replaced it a while back with a Hammer A-3-31 combo unit 12" and could use the space. I would like to see it go to a woodworker. The 6" is on a HTC cart and you will need to bring your own help to move it. If your interested it's a $100.00 . I...
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    Roubo Bench Kit

    I was just over at Sawmill Creek. There is a guy from Wilmington,Del. selling reclaimed yellow pine for a Roubo bench kit. The top is already glued up,the rest of the lumber is milled up, $ 400.00!  Normally I would run over and buy it,already have two benches.There are photos of what he is...
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    Bandsaws: The next one after the 14" delta

      Hello everybody, I'm in the market for a bigger bandsaw and have been looking all over the place. Contacted several people that wrote articles,watched bulletin boards,etc.My delta is just not big enough. The size range would 18"to24" with modern amenities,three to five horse,single phase.I've...
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    Cadawalader Study/Winterthur

            Does anybody know where a copy,reissue,etc. of this study? might be available?
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    Sharpening carving chisels

      Does anyone know of a good shapening service,for carving chisels,in the delaware valley area?                                                Thanks/Ed