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    So, anyone working on any projects in Gateway land?

    Cal, how about you, or any other mid-westerners, got anything on the bench, or on the drawing board? I'm finishing up a table and trying to design a pair of Seymour-esq, side tables. Rick
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    Howdy blokes, any word on a spring 2011 meeting?

    Hello Gerald, Cal and others. I guess since I'm now fit to travel and even get some shop time in, I'm curious if and where/when there will be a spring meeting for 2011? ps, Cal, I was really pleased to see that your Dad won the Cartouche award, very cool! I also recently ran across your...
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    The Derby Commode.

    Hello all, this I guess is my first post, so be it. I'm really interested in the Derby Commode by Thomas Seymour. I know Harold Ionson made a series of these, and the one I saw photos of was very nice. But I'm wondering, who else has attempted to build one of these? TIA Rick