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    Temperature for hide glue

    My glue pot finally died and I now have a double boiler. What is the temperature range for hide glue.
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    Stop fluted quarter columns

    To continue the top of the jigsaw blade was just the right size for the bead. I would scrape the flute and then carefully align the bead end of the scraper with the previously scraped flute and tighten it in the holder. Worked like a charm. It just took a little time to get the alignment...
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    Stop fluted quarter columns

    Well I have not gotten any response so I experimented myself. I found that I could make a flute scraper by grinding a jigsaw blade and lo and behold the U shaped top was the right size for the bead in the steierh46
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    Removing glue from fretwork

    I have been able to remove the pattern from the fretwork by first wetting the pattern with denatured alcohol and then using a sharp card scraper. 150 then 220 grit sandpaper on a sanding block finishes the job
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    Removing glue from fretwork

    Thanks. Will give it a try
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    Removing glue from fretwork

    I have come upon a vexing problem. I am making fretwork for a Thomas Elfe chest on chest, I have been gluing the pattern for the fretwork onto a mahogany blank and then excavating the fret with gouges and then slicing off the fret with a resaw blade on my bandsaw. All of this is going nicely...
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    Queen Anne Chair

    Gene would put an edge on a power hacksaw blade by grinding an edge holding it perpendicular to the grinder wheel. I have done this with some success. It will scrape, best used on curved surfaces like a leg
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    Queen Anne Chair

    I took that chair course with Gene years ago.Tony Kubalak took the course too. What Gene was talking about was how to get a satin finish after the chair was shellacked. He would use 0000 steel wool but that doesn't get into the carving crevices. Therefore he used a soft brass brush on the...
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    Stop fluted quarter columns

    I have made fluted corner columns by hand using the method that Jeff Headley had previously outlined. I made a holding jig to secure the column and then made a device to hold a scraper that would be indexed on the holding jig and would run the scraper down the column to final depth of the...
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    Stop flutes on Elfe chest on chest

    I have it in my head that I want to build an Elfe chest on chest as pictured in Humphrey's book. The chest has chamfered stiles on the top half that are stop fluted. I am at a loss as to how this is done. Is it carved freehand or is there a jig set up with scratch sticks for the flute and then...
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    Goddard Townsend drawer blades

    How were the double beaded drawer blades on Goddard Townsend chests made in the originals? Were the beads formed with a scratch stock and then the background between the beads chiseled or removed with a small router? I think a router would be unstable on a narrow (7/8") drawer blade. I think a...
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    Goddard Townsend document chest

    I once (I believe) saw plans for a Goddard Townsend document chest. It is a small block front chest with the typical (but small) Goddard Townsend shells on the top. Is anyone familiar with this? If so where can I find these plans? Thanks Howard Steier
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    McIntyre fruit basket plans

    Several years ago I took a carving course with Alan Breed where we carved a McIntyre style fruit basket. I would like to do one again but I can't find the plan/tracing for the basket. Does anyone out there have a copy of this? Thank you Howard Steier