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    Cabriole legs, serpentine front

    Is anyone aware of an authentic 18th century American case piece combining cabriole legs and a serpentine front?  Picture available?
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    Breadboard Battens

    I'm making a cherry slant-lid desk.  The lid is 12" high by 30" wide with 3" edgings on top and sides mitered at the two top corners.  I want to keep the 9"wide center panel from splitting due to shrinkage.  Also the bottoms of the side battens must not protrude below the center panel which...
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    Queen Anne Regional Design Features

    Answers or comments to these questions would be appreciated.  1.  Slipper feet were sometimes used by Newport andd Long Island cabinetmakers.  Were they used in Boston or Salem?  2.  On rectangular tray top tea tables the corner treatment variously called "notched", "indented" or "carved"...