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TOC Society of American Period Furniture Makers

ON THE COVER: Cartouche Award Recipient Chuck Bender's reproduction of a Massachusetts William & Mary Highboy

Period Furniture Maker & Teacher David Feola
Reverse Engineering Lumbard Paul Sanow
Musings on the Salzburger Table Dale Couch
Building Georgia's Oldest Bill Markert
Marquetry Chevalet W. Patrick Edwards & Patrice Lejeune
Elfe-Inspired Tea Cabinet Harry Bishop
Wedding Box in the Style of Hoffman David Heller
Tiger Maple Blanket Chest Nicholas Vanaria
Willaim & Mary Spice Box Jim Creasman
Make Sense of Chair Angles Luke Barnett
Building a Sheraton Desk Jeff Thompson
A Turned Cutlery Urn Arnie Moore
Dual-Purpose Card Table Wayne Stolte

ON THE COVER: New Hampshire Secretary from the portfolio of work of 2021 Cartouche recipient David Lamb.

At Home In New Hampshire Mark Travis
New Hampshire Secretary David Lamb
Janathan Shoemaker Armchair Ray Journigan
A Student's Perspective Jim Francis
Thomas Elfe Chest on Chest Harry Bishop
In Memory of Phil Lowe Mickey Callahan
The Harp Steven M. Lash
Making Tools to Make a Table Jim Creasman
Replicating a Windsor Chair Ken Neiswender
Revolutionary Lap Desk Wm. Francis Brown
A Productive Partnership Rachel Lovett & Frederick Walker
Mahogany Breakfront

Robert Seibels

The Living Tools Project Aspen Golann

ON THE COVER: Piece from the portfolio of work of 2020 Cartouche recipient Tony Kubalak.

My Journey 2020 Cartouche Recipient Tony Kubalak
Construct & Carve A Shell Niche Mary May
The Jackson Press Ronnie Young
Make Veneered Serpentine Drawer Fronts W. Francis Brown
Pinwheel Cabinet Jeff Thompson
Hearts & Crown Chairs Larry Mauritz
A Nest of Tables Tim Killen
Artisan of Diplomacy: Pair of Chests Tim DeMars
Oval Stack Laminate Cellarette Steven Lash
Mahogany Pie Crust Table Jeff Justis
A Furniture Maker's Life: Robert C. Whitley       Steve Dietrich
Tall Case Clock

Tony Kubalak

ON THE COVER: Piece from the portfolio of work of 2019 Cartouche recipient Robert (Bob) Stevenson

An Inherited Chest of Joiner’s Tools, Cartouche Recipient Robert Stevenson

Lianne Stevenson Futch

SAPFM Turns Twenty

The Editor, with Steve Lash & Mickey Callahan

Federal Style Breakfront

Robert (Bob) Stevenson

Replicating the Daniel Webster Desk

Don Williams

Carved Four Post Bed

Jeff Justis

Making Seymours Fancy Little Dressing Mirror

Robert Seibels

Reproducing a Pair of John Chipman Oxbow Chests

David Boeff

Decoding Diderot

Mike Mascelli

Furnishing Ferry Farm

Meghan Budinger

The Art & Application of Clock Imagery

Aspen Golann

Finishing Touches

Steve Lash

ON THE COVER: James R. Journigan's Newport corner chair, from the portfolio of work by this year's Cartouche Award winner. 

A Family Heirloom Plunged Me Into Eighteenth Century Furniture Charlie Driggs
This Guy Can Help You - A Lot! Bruce Hubbard
What Are You In It For? James Journigan
Federal Period Tea Caddy Construction Ronnie Young
Cherished Memories From My Family Chris Haycox
Seven Easy Pieces: New Furniture For George Washington Steven Dietrich
The Proposal Process: Furnishing George Washington's Boyhood Home Steven Dietrich
Queen Anne Chair Herman Veenendaal
Inlaid Table From Local Woods David Upperman
Tambour Inlay On A Seymour Desk Robert Stevenson
Chippendale Chair David Knuth
Period Reproduction Upholstery on a Budget Michael Mascelli
From Mock-up To Mozart Steven M. Lash

ON THE COVER: Jeff Roberts' Newwport desk, from the portfolio of work by this year's Cartouche Award winner. Photo: Bill Truslow

Classy Classwork: Serpentine Chest Revisited John Kruis
Wedged Dovetails from Virginia's Shenandoah County Sarah Thomas
Another Solution for Seymour-style Shield-back Chairs Derek McDonald
Listening to the Past Tim DeMars
Bombé Desk With a Bostone Lineage Jeffrey S. Roberts
Carving a Furnituremaking Career in New Hampshire Jonah Ruh Roberts
A Dressing Glass for My Lady Bob Stevenson
Sweet Dreams in a Sleigh Bed Jim Moon
George III Pembroke Table Canlin J. Frost
Revisiting Hepplewhite Jeff Justis
Hand-tool Solution for Fluted Quarter Columns Jim Milam
A Copley Portrait Gets a New Frame Al Breed
A Quartet of Techniquest for Magnolia Medallion Inlays Jim Shapiro
Seymour Ladies Worktable Michael Patrick Wheeler
A Rectangular Tea Table in the Townsend-Goddard Style Jerry Lauchle
Projects to Develop Skills for Making Furniture Donald C. Williams
Yes, There is a Future in Period Furnituremaking Greg Pilotti

American Period Furniture 2016

ON THE COVER:   A secretaire by Ronnie Young, recipient of the 2016 Cartouche Award  
Researching the Cellarette: A Study in Contradictions Steve Dietrich
A Toast to Federal-style Cellarettes Ronnie Young
Ambassador Young, Representative for the Great Road Style
Tom Cowan & Ken Johnson
An Apprentice’s Journey: Cabinetmaking ‘Art & Mystery’ Michael W. Bell
Furniture Finishes: Are You a Pragmatist or Purist? Peter Gedrys
Re-creating the Studley Tool Chest Jim Moon
Finishing Dreams: Wyatt’s Story Wyatt McQueen
A Proper Place for Tea Canlin Frost
Take Your Pick: Two Approaches to a Radial-pattern Tabletop Dave Heller
Jacobean Journey with Hand Tools Zachary Dillinger
Three by Three: Rediscover the Handsbreath Larry Mauritz
Embelllish a Turned Post with Timeless Acanthus Leaves Mary May
Three Years in the Making, but Worth Every Hour Jeff Justis

American Period Furniture 2015

ON THE COVER:  A Federal-style tall clock by Jeff Justis, recipient of the 2015 Cartouche Award

Great Road Style: Top-quality Furniture on the Frontier Betsy K. White
Doing Justis to Period Furniture  Lloyd Parcell
Current Work: Bombé Chest Jeff Justis
The Joy of Hidden Treasures Jeff Justis
Fluting Quarter Columns John Fitzpatrick
Reproducing a Louis XVI Console Table Tony Smith & Adam Thorpe
A Method for Producing Line-and-Dart Banding Frank Vucolo
Tracing the Roots of  Upholstered Furniture Michael Mascelli
Taking It from the Top: Rout and Carve a Newport Tea-Table Top Jim Shapiro
Blending Mahogany and Walnut into a Philadelphia Classic Jim Moon
Reverse-engineering Jefferson’s Revolving Bookstand Daniel D. Hrinko
Elfe Ingenuity: Wide Drawers With a Supporting Muntin Ron Young
The Philadelphia Chippendale Highboy Unveiled Larry Mauritz
Chester County Desk Greg Pilotti
Master Ogee Bracket Feet Jeff Headley
Picture It in Color: MESDA’s Rope-and-Tassel Corner Cupboard Amber Clawson
Measuring and Documenting Reproduction Period Furniture Mickey Callahan & Alyce Englund


American Period Furniture 2014

ON THE COVER: A Louis Philippe tilt-top table by
W. Patrick Edwards, 2014 Cartouche recipient

European Influences on American and Colonial Design W. Patrick Edwards
The Unlikely Path from Physicist to Furnituremaker  J.B. Alegiani
The World at Your Fingertips Jeff Justis
Strong-Howard House: Touching the Past Christina Vida & Bob Van Dyke
The Lowboy Project: Lessons Learned and Applied John Fitzpatrick
From Head, Heart, and Hand Joshua A. Klein
An Upper-crust Table Tim DeMars
Jefferson’s Writing Desk Richard McGann
Double-twist Turned Chair Steven M. Lash
Greene & Greene Furniture: Design Without Compromise Darrell Peart & Edward Bosley
Leverage Power Tools  to Build a Boston 4-drawer Block Chest Robert LaPlaca
The Painted Chests of the Connecticut Shore Benjamin W. Colman
Sing Praise for a Music Stand Rolly Rhodes
A Chestful of Craftsmanship Zachary Dillinger
Gadrooning: It’s in the Cards James King
Carve a Rosette with Mary May Mary May

American Period Furniture 2013

Sleuthing the Origins of a Southern China Press Jerome Bias
The Perception of Scale Jeff Justis
New Approach to an Old Technique Jim Moon
Hartford Cabinetmakers in the Federal Period Alyce Englund
Decoding Smith's Key Matt Cianci
The Hunt for Patriotic Banding Michael P. Wheeler
Sculptural Shaping of Furniture: Geometry is Your Friend Will Neptune
Will Neptune Carves His Name Among SAPFM Notables Mickey Callahan
The Nathan Margolis Shop's Last Apprentice Nick Kotula
Classic Shaving Mirror Reflects English Influence Ron Young
Dressing Up a Demilune Table Jay Stallman
From a Log to a Windsor Settee Jim Rendi
How to Build a Corner Cupboard With a Pedigree Bob Compton
On the Trail of Secret Formulas for 18th-century Finishes Marion Smith
Techniques and Materials: Getting Upholstery Right Michael Mascelli

American Period Furniture 2012

Allan Breed 2012 Cartouche Award Recipient Thomas P. Hand, Sr.
All Bound Up: A Guide to Making Twists Philip Houck
Upholstery for Period Furniture Makers Michael Mascelli
Unlocking the Secrets of a Swan's Neck Pediment George Walker
A Fronteir Jack of All Trades: Joshua Shipman and the Business of Making Furniture in the Ohio Country Andrew Richmond
Repairing a Dog-damaged Period Chair Timothy Puro
The Gate-Leg Table: Form Following Function Larry Mauritz
Making a Dovetail Saw, Simply Donald C. Williams
Asphaltum as a Glazing Compound David A. Reeves
Building a Boston Blockfront Desk Michael McGrail
Building a Queen Ann Footstool Steve Branam
A Philadelphia Lowboy Facilitated by 3D Modeling Timothy Killen
Construction of Federal Period Glazed Doors Robert Mustain
The Ball and Claw Foot Mary May
The Elliptical Journey: Retracing the Origins of Federal Paterae Mark Arnold
A Carpenter's Testament: the John Brown Painted Corner Cabinet Jerome Bias

American Period Furniture 2011

The Nathan Margolis Cabinet Shop's Last Apprentice: Memories, Impressions, and Lessons Learned Nickolas Kotula
Cabinetmakers and Cabinetmaking in Fairfield County, Ohio, Prior to 1850 Deward Watts
Charleston Queen Anne Easy Chairs: A Study in their History and Construction Steven Dietrich
Lessons from the Armchair Ben Hobbs
Native Son of Perquimans County: Cartouche Award Winner Ben Hobbs Calvin Hobbs
Building a Federal Serpentine-front Tea Chest Aaron Hall
Carving a Rococo Shell Allan Breed
Replicating Gragg Donald C. Williams
An Eli Terry Pillar and Scroll Shelf Clock Glen Jewell
Carving Draped Linen Urns Joel Ficke
Recreating the Benjamin Burnham Desk George Huffman
A Seymour-inspired Cabinet Dale M. Brown
Construction of a Burl Wood Kneehole Writing Desk JB Alegiani

American Period Furniture 2010

Steven Lash: 2010 Cartouche Award Recipient W. Mickey Callahan
The Green Man in the Duke’s Closet: An Ancient Motif Crafted with Contemporary Techniques Steven M. Lash
Little Green Men: A Note on the Masked Men of Massachusetts Gerald W.R. Ward
Mysteries of the Pillar and Claw Card Table D.H. Phillips

A Federal Campeche Chair

Cybèle T. Gontar
The Construction of a Chippendale Pole Screen Jeff Saylor
A Kent-style Mirror Frame Frederick Wilbur
Rural Inlay Steve Latta
A Laminated Circular Frame Jim Shapiro
An Introduction to Cabinetmaker Thomas White Matthew Hobbs
The Drawer Construction of Thomas White Ben Hobbs
Sons’ Week: Family Bonds and a Passion for Traditional Craft Calvin and Matthew Hobbs
Samuel McIntire’s Fruit Baskets: The Art of Shallow Relief Carving Mary May
Reviving the Last Liberty Tree Eugene Landon
A Veneered Southern Plantation Desk Michael Armand
Reproducing the Monticello Birdcage Writing Table Jim Altemus

American Period Furniture 2009

The Art of Japanning Don C. Williams
A Chippendale Breakfront: Designing in the 18th Century Style Jeff Justis
Constructing a Lolling Chair in the Chippendale Style Tim Talma
Affordable Upholstery for a Period Reproduction Chair Michael Mascelli

A Newport-style Corner Chair

Mike Mcgrail
Carve the Crest of a Philadelphia Queen Anne Chair Dan Reahard
Early American Comb-back Windsor Chairs Herb Lapp
A Fan of Consistency: How to Make Identical Sand-shaded Fans Aaron Hall
Carve an Egg and Dart Molding Jim Shapiro
2009 Cartouche Award Recipient Dennis Bork Mark Arnold
The Design and Construction of an Oval-Back Chair Justin Kauffman
Carving the Amazing Acanthus Mary May
New London County Connecticut Furniture Randy Wilkinson
The Banister-back Chair: Expanding the Horizons of a Novice Joiner Larry Mauritz

American Period Furniture 2008

A Study of the Photo-oxidation of Wood Using UV Light David Keller
American Baroque: Reproducing a William & Mary High Chest Larry Mauritz
2008 Cartouche Award Recipient Alf Sharp Mickey Callahan
Late 18th and Early 19th Century Furniture of the Tennessee River Valley Alf Sharp

18th Century Design and the Classical Orders

George Walker
Drawing for Carving Mack Headley
Vinegar Graining Terry Lutz
The Craftsmanship of Philadelphia Windsor Chairmaker Joseph Henzey Herb Lapp
A Salem Queen Anne Bonnet Top Highboy: Designing from Photographs James F. Conley
Carve a Philadelphia Finial Tony Kubalak
Scratch Box: Making Moldings the Original Way Joseph Hemingway

American Period Furniture 2007

Fidelity in Period Molding Profiles Kerry Pierce
North Bennet Street School Wins 2007 Cartouche Award W. Mickey Callahan
Handmade Jeff Headley
Reflections on the Role of Decorative Arts in the Production of American Furniture Terry Lutz

The Design and Construction of a Brickwork Carcase

Steven M. Lash
The German Factor Kaare Loftheim
The Sunflower Chests of Hartford and Wethersfield, Connecticut Larry Mauritz
Foxtail Wedging Bob Stevenson
Mark Your Work Joe Barry
Rediscovering the Christopher Collection Mark Arnold
Review: The Wooden Artifacts Group Offers Instructional DVDs Robert Mustain

American Period Furniture 2006

Fred Stanley: 2006 Cartouche Award Winner W. Mickey Callahan and Robert N. Lominack, Jr.
Waterleaf Molding Joyce Hanna
The Art and Mystery of Dividers Joe Barry
Make-to-Spec vs. Traditional Craft George Walker

Contemporary Classics: Telfair Museum of Art hosts First SAPFM Member Exhibition

Mark Arnold
A Primer of Common 18th Century Water-Based Adhesivies Bess Jarrell Naylor
In Pursuit of a Sharp Saw James Crammond
Recreating the Period Design Process Andrew Rappaport
Oil Gilding: An Introduction Brooke Smith
Federal Demi-Lune Card Table Fred Stanley

American Period Furniture 2005

The Cincinnati Price Book of 1830 Andrew Richmond
Philip C. Lowe: A Glimpse into His Life and Work W. Mickey Callahan
Making an Arrow Banding: A Seymour Detail Explained Philip C. Lowe and Austen Winters
The Sea Chest Joe Barry
A Table Attributed to Black Cabinetmaker Allen Scott James F. Conley
Reproducing a Seymour Night Stand Robert Millard
New Life for a Badlam Side Chair Mark Arnold

American Period Furniture 2004

Farewell Editorial Quentin Wheeler
Carving a Period Shell Lonnie Bird
A Massachusetts Shelf Clock Robert Millard
Sloyd Joe Barry
Photographing Furniture Robert Millard
American Innovation, Reproducing the Lombard Eagle Steve Latta
The Knife Case, Design and Construction Steven M. Lash

American Period Furniture 2003

An American Federal Card Table Rob Millard
Making a Sand-Shaded Fan Mark Arnold
The Goddard-Townsend Shells of Newport Arthur K. Peters
Queen Anne Desk on Frame Ronald L. Patton
Making a Sheraton Field Bed Dennis Bork
Period Productivity W. Patrick Edwards
Wood Grain and its Influences on the Design, Layout and Machining of Curved Parts W. Mickey Callahan
A Furniture Design Challenge Daniel Heyl
Opinion:Is 18th Century Furniture as Good as Sex? Quentin D. Wheeler and D. Marie Platt

American Period Furniture 2002

Surface Treatment of Traditional Work Mack Headley
Why Not Period Glue? W. Patrick Edwards
Carving a Queen Anne Fan George Slack
Riving Wood for 17th Century Joint Furniture John Alexander
John McAlister, Master Cabinet Maker Quentin Wheeler
Period Furniture Makers Participate in Wooden Artifacts Group's Study Trip to France Kathy Gillis
The Great Secretary Caper Robert C Whitley
Reproductioins in the Service of Conservation Michael Podmaniczky

American Period Furniture 2001

Line and Berry-Chester County Pennsylvania Traditional Decorative Strining Steven Latta
Harold Ionson: The Master Cabinetmaker's 'Derby' Demi-Lune Commodes Quentin Wheeler
The Last Liberty Tree-SAPFM Cabinetmaker Chosen to Craft Lumber Quentin Wheeler
Reproducing Benjamin Franklin's Armonica Steven Lash
A Museum of Traditional Crafts Jason Marshall
Form Follows Function W. Patrick Edwards
Carving a Philadelphia Ball and Claw E. Eugene Landon and Bess Jarrell Naylor
The Society of American
Period Furniture Makers
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