APF 2019 CoverAmerican Period Furniture is published annually by the Society of American Period Furniture Makers and is one of the many benefits of SAPFM membership. This annual journal is written primarily by members of SAPFM, but membership is not required to write an article. American Period Furniture is the only trade publication devoted exclusively to the interests of period furniture makers. Just as SAPFM is a unique organization, our journal is a unique publication. Each annual volume contains how-to articles, biographies of important cabinetmakers, analyses of important pieces, and articles dealing with historical topics in period furniture making. It's the next best thing to spending time in the shop with experienced makers.

The image on the cover of the 2019 edition of American Period Furniture is the work of 2019 Cartouche recipient Robert (Bob) Stevenson. Bob contributed an article on this project, and there is a profile of his career as a furniture maker, charter SAPFM member and helpful mentor to those on the west coast. Two other Cartouche recipients also share their knowledge and experience. Jeff Justis shows us how he carved the posts on his recently completed four post bed and Steve Lash demonstrates ebonizing, adding details in brass and applying gold leaf. Don Williams tells the story of recreating the iconic desk that Daniel Webster used in the US Senate, curator Meghan Budinger writes about commissioning the furniture to fill the rooms at Ferry Farm, George Washington’s boyhood home.

MEMBERS: American Period Furniture is mailed to SAPFM members in early December. The journal is sent directly from the printer via bulk mail, so it can take a while to arrive. If you were a member in good standing as of October 31, and your address is up to date, your issue should arrive before the first of the year. If it doesn’t, drop a note to the editor for a replacement issue. If you joined on or after November 1, you will receive the next years edition at the end of the following year. You can purchase this issue (and view the table of contents) by clicking here. Previous years editions are also available. The table of contents for all available issues can be found at the link above.


 The following videos are referenced in the 2019 edition of the journal.

Steve Dietrich

The Seven Easy Pieces of Furniture

Episode 2: Blanket Chest


David Boeff

Curved Blockfront Dressing Table

Carving Baby Butt (Notched) Corner, Step 25

 pdfClick Here to download Aspen Golann's Clock Drawing mentioned in her article in the 2019 edition of American Period Furniture


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