Authenticating ...

ON THE COVER: Cartouche Award Recipient Chuck Bender's reproduction of a Massachusetts William & Mary Highboy

Period Furniture Maker & Teacher David Feola
Reverse Engineering Lumbard Paul Sanow
Musings on the Salzburger Table Dale Couch
Building Georgia's Oldest Bill Markert
Marquetry Chevalet W. Patrick Edwards & Patrice Lejeune
Elfe-Inspired Tea Cabinet Harry Bishop
Wedding Box in the Style of Hoffman David Heller
Tiger Maple Blanket Chest Nicholas Vanaria
Willaim & Mary Spice Box Jim Creasman
Make Sense of Chair Angles Luke Barnett
Building a Sheraton Desk Jeff Thompson
A Turned Cutlery Urn Arnie Moore
Dual-Purpose Card Table Wayne Stolte

ON THE COVER: New Hampshire Secretary from the portfolio of work of 2021 Cartouche recipient David Lamb.

At Home In New Hampshire Mark Travis
New Hampshire Secretary David Lamb
Janathan Shoemaker Armchair Ray Journigan
A Student's Perspective Jim Francis
Thomas Elfe Chest on Chest Harry Bishop
In Memory of Phil Lowe Mickey Callahan
The Harp Steven M. Lash
Making Tools to Make a Table Jim Creasman
Replicating a Windsor Chair Ken Neiswender
Revolutionary Lap Desk Wm. Francis Brown
A Productive Partnership Rachel Lovett & Frederick Walker
Mahogany Breakfront

Robert Seibels

The Living Tools Project Aspen Golann

ON THE COVER: Piece from the portfolio of work of 2020 Cartouche recipient Tony Kubalak.

My Journey 2020 Cartouche Recipient Tony Kubalak
Construct & Carve A Shell Niche Mary May
The Jackson Press Ronnie Young
Make Veneered Serpentine Drawer Fronts W. Francis Brown
Pinwheel Cabinet Jeff Thompson
Hearts & Crown Chairs Larry Mauritz
A Nest of Tables Tim Killen
Artisan of Diplomacy: Pair of Chests Tim DeMars
Oval Stack Laminate Cellarette Steven Lash
Mahogany Pie Crust Table Jeff Justis
A Furniture Maker's Life: Robert C. Whitley       Steve Dietrich
Tall Case Clock

Tony Kubalak

ON THE COVER: Piece from the portfolio of work of 2019 Cartouche recipient Robert (Bob) Stevenson

An Inherited Chest of Joiner’s Tools, Cartouche Recipient Robert Stevenson

Lianne Stevenson Futch

SAPFM Turns Twenty

The Editor, with Steve Lash & Mickey Callahan

Federal Style Breakfront

Robert (Bob) Stevenson

Replicating the Daniel Webster Desk

Don Williams

Carved Four Post Bed

Jeff Justis

Making Seymours Fancy Little Dressing Mirror

Robert Seibels

Reproducing a Pair of John Chipman Oxbow Chests

David Boeff

Decoding Diderot

Mike Mascelli

Furnishing Ferry Farm

Meghan Budinger

The Art & Application of Clock Imagery

Aspen Golann

Finishing Touches

Steve Lash

ON THE COVER: James R. Journigan's Newport corner chair, from the portfolio of work by this year's Cartouche Award winner. 

A Family Heirloom Plunged Me Into Eighteenth Century Furniture Charlie Driggs
This Guy Can Help You - A Lot! Bruce Hubbard
What Are You In It For? James Journigan
Federal Period Tea Caddy Construction Ronnie Young
Cherished Memories From My Family Chris Haycox
Seven Easy Pieces: New Furniture For George Washington Steven Dietrich
The Proposal Process: Furnishing George Washington's Boyhood Home Steven Dietrich
Queen Anne Chair Herman Veenendaal
Inlaid Table From Local Woods David Upperman
Tambour Inlay On A Seymour Desk Robert Stevenson
Chippendale Chair David Knuth
Period Reproduction Upholstery on a Budget Michael Mascelli
From Mock-up To Mozart Steven M. Lash
The Society of American
Period Furniture Makers
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